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Welcome to our Dr. Bhumika’s Physiotherapy Clinic

Dr. Bhumika Damania Mehta

B.P.Th., MIAP, Certified Mulligan Practitioner, Certified MDT(Mechanical diagnosis and Therapy- McKenzie Method)

Honorary Executive Committee member of McKenzie Institute India.

Dr. Bhumika Damania Mehta is one among the very few Certfied McKenzie Practitioner which effectively focuses on treating spinal and joint pain problems conservatively.

Dr. Bhumika Damania Mehta also provides home based physiotherapy treatment for bed-ridden, post operative patients"


What is McKenzie Method?

What is McKenzie Method? It is also known as Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT)

It is an internationally acclaimed method of assessment and treatment for spinal and extremity pain. It is developed by New Zealand Physiotherapist Robin McKenzie. It is widely used all over the world. MDT method involves active participation of the patient thus empowering and educating them about their condition.

The essential feature of this method is thorough assessment on day one, thus enabling the MDT clinicians to make appropriate treatment plan and also determine whether the method will be effective for each patient.

MDT method is one of the most researched/ evidence based method. It is highly safe method. It is the most reliable method to make accurate diagnosis without involving any expensive radiological test procedures like MRI, CT Scans etc. Thus it is cost effective.

In its truest sense, MDT is a comprehensive approach based on sound principles and fundamentals that, when fully understood and followed, is very successful.